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Time flies and brings us every season after season, and at the same time leaving traces for everyone of us. 

Time Traveller HK is  a strategic partner of the Time Traveller ( initiated by Ageless Online. We are a group of people who share the passion and compassion to enhance quality of life of seniors in Hong Kong. The Time Traveller HK aims to showcase a collection of stories from the seniors in Hong Kong in an online museum.


We belevie that everyone ​of us have "treasure" objects, may be recalling memories from the childhood; may be objects passed down from the ancestors; may be recalling memories with the loved ones; may be memorable items for friendship. No matter the value of such "treasure" objects, they are invaluable in the mind of the owners. This on-line museum platform features everyday object belonging to the seniors who want to share what these treasured items mean to them - from a happy incident in their childhood to a bad experience during the war. It is a chance for them to recall that vivid memory, to capture it here, and for others to time-travel with them and learn something new, something forgotten.

Here at Time Traveller, all objects will forever hold its significance, no matter if time passes on. 

Participate TODAY!  We would love to hear from you! 


Hong Kong Time Traveller Initiative

Feb 2018


The Time Traveller Initiative Hong Kong ( appreciaties the contributions that people have made to the website, without which the website would not have so much content (including words and pictures).


In particular, the Time Traveller Initiative Hong Kong would like to thank Ms. Eleanor Yap of Ageless Online ( for sharing her initiative in Singapore, Ms. Vivian Lou for driving this initiative in Hong Kong, Ms. Sau Chan for the design and technical setup of the website, Mr. John State for legal advice, Ms. Ina Lok for contribution of the picture on the cover page, Ms. Elaine Chen for the backend support, and all who have contributed to the stories in the initial launch of this on-line museum.


時光流逝,帶來一個又一個春夏秋冬,也給每一個人的生命留下痕跡。時光寶庫是由一群致力於提升老年人生活質量的人士推動,與新加坡(The Time Traveller Singapore)協同,在全球不同地區推動發展老年人珍藏物品及其小故事的網上博物館。








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